Quantum IT Tech Solution- A Leading  Software Development Company

Quantum IT Tech Solution, with its software development center in Chennai, India,  partner that offers a wide array of software development services to its clients across the globe. With “Exceptional Customer Satisfaction”, as one of our core values, Congruent’s outsourced software development service capabilities cater to clients ranging from Start-ups, Partners, ISVs to Enterprises.

Since its inception two decades ago, Congruent has taken pride in continuing to be the most preferred custom software development company and outsourced software development company to a large number of global clients which includes many Fortune 500 companies. 3M, Premera Blue Cross, StarBucks, Council on Foreign Relations, Daktronics, Fanatics and Maldives Airport are a few names from our clientele.

Custom Software Development


Quantum IT Tech Solution is a Product development company which involves several important stages like generating ideas, idea screening, concept testing, business analysis and market analysis, actual development of the product, test marketing and commercialization
Dedicated outsourced team for your projects development and management can be provided as per your time zone with facilities like conferencing, Tracking, email and telephonic support. However, there is a minimum contract duration which has to be acknowledged.
Business consulting is provided to enhance and improve your company’s business operations for more growth and productivity. Please use the contact us form to contact regarding business or application consulting for your next project.
Our software development experience in multiple industries has enabled us to develop Cloud softwares, ERP, CRM, job portals, real estate portals, large scale ecommerce applications and business products development.
Quantum IT Tech Solution is a leading .NET, C# software development company that offers affordable and reliable solutions to our customers. Our technical expertise, combined with the several years of experience enables us to provide our customers with high quality .NET, C# development solutions.
As a leading .NET, C# software development company, we provide robust and secure software designs, which are developed using the latest .NET development technologies and practices.

At Quantum IT Tech Solution, we have a highly skilled team of .NET developers, who help in the development and delivery of a wide range of software development solutions. The team of developers is well versed with the latest .NET development tools and processes.

Following are some of the areas of expertise we cover:

1) Designing and development of .NET applications and systems
2) Development of web-based .NET applications
3) .NET software development
4) Development of .NET software products
5) Development of .NET computer applications
6) Development of .NET mobile applications
7) Provision of a wide range of .NET professional services
Why should you hire Quantum IT Tech Solution.NET, C# development services?

1) We make use of the latest development tools and technologies. You can thus count on us for high quality services.
2) We have a team of highly skilled .NET developers who are always at hand to assist you
3) Our services are very affordable
4) We have far reaching expertise and in-depth experience, which enables us to develop, launch and support .NET projects for our clients, no matter how complex they are
5) We have successfully completed numerous projects our clients, and you can always count on us to handle your project to your satisfaction
Unlike other software development companies, Quantum IT Tech Solution is dedicated to offering cutting edge services and products to our clients. Our services are very reliable, and we always aim to please the customers.

Get in touch with us today for great and affordable .NET, C# software development services and we will respond to you promptly.