Safeguard your network, your users and your data

from emerging threats and attacks.


Today’s top network security challenges:

  1. Threats hidden in SSL trafficEncrypted traffic creates blind spots in corporate defenses
  2. Malicious Internet contentUser access to malware, spyware and phishing sites can lead to bot infection and data exfiltration
  3. DDoS attacksDistributed Denial of Service attacks can take network devices and servers offline, which leads to service disruption
  4. Ability to scale security defensesMobile network operators are experiencing exponential traffic growth that requires their security infrastructure to also scale
  5. Management complexity and cost of security infrastructure

    Security infrastructure consists of an array of devices that requires separate management, rack space and power consumption.

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Learn about 5 threats hiding in your SSL traffic

Privacy concerns fueled by the Snowden effect have triggered a massive spike in SSL traffic over the past three years. Today, cyber criminals are hiding their attacks using SSL traffic to circumvent existing security controls.

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Cyber criminals want to bring down your network and expose confidential data. Can you risk the financial impact and fallout of a data breach?

Why choose Quantum IT Tech Solution

Quantum IT Tech Solution Networks offers a range of security solutions built on the Quantum IT Tech Solution Networks® Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®). ACOS uses a Symmetric Scalable Multi-Core Processing (SSMP) software architecture that delivers high performance and scalability. Quantum IT Tech Solution products will not only help you scale and improve efficiency, but our rich security feature set will also complement your existing security infrastructure to improve its effectiveness with:

  • Advanced security features to shield applications, users and infrastructure from attacks and uncover hidden risks
  • Best-in-class performance and scalability in a compact appliance
  • Industry-low OPEX and CAPEX due to consolidating both security and networking functionality
  • High-density multi-tenancy support to securely isolate network traffic
  • Solutions that leverage the ACOS Harmony™ architecture to provide open and standards-based programmability to integrate with management and orchestration systems