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Wearable That ‘Tastes’ Skin Could Help Diabetics and Athletes

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Diabetics and athletes alike could soon be able to test their blood sugar and lactic acid levels to measure those health stats with a wrist-worn device that can virtually “taste” through the skin, according to device maker PKvitality.

The company’s $149 K’track Glucose wrist-worn tracker absorbs fluid that contains those chemicals through the underside of […]

Building a Google for the Deep, Dark Web

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This map depicts hotspots of dark web activity related to illegal products, with larger circles indicating more illegal activity.



In today’s data-rich world, companies, governments and individuals want to analyze anything and everything they can get their hands on – and the World Wide Web has loads of information. At present, the most easily indexed […]

Two Days Aloft: ‘Vanilla’ Drone Breaks Endurance Record

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A 56-hour, nonstop, unrefueled flight has set a new world record for endurance.

The VA001, a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone made by Vanilla Aircraft, stayed in the air for more than two days and two nights, setting the record for the craft’s weight and power class. After taking off Nov. 30 from […]